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Welcome to Long Island Vision Care

Welcome to Long Island Vision Care, where your vision and eye health are our primary concerns. We are honored by your choice to place your trust in our team of dedicated optometrists. It is with enthusiasm and commitment that we anticipate providing you with exceptional eye care services.

Dr. Susan Fisher is devoted to your eye health and vision. She is committed to helping you maintain a stylish appearance through our fashionable eyewear selections. We sincerely appreciate your trust in our skilled ODs and staff.

Dr. Steven Schoenbart, known for his welcoming demeanor, is dedicated to improving your eye health while ensuring you look your best with our latest and affordable fashion choices.

Dr. Gail Correale, an award-winning optometrist, shares this commitment and is enthusiastic about offering you exceptional eye care services.

Long Island Vision Care

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*Our office is open alternating Saturdays each month. Please call our office at (516) 280-3646 for availability.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Contact Lenses

Low Vision

Dry Eyes

Our promise to You!

Our friendly, professional eye care team is committed to providing the highest quality eye care to our patients of all ages to improve eye health, vision, and quality of life.

The decision to maintain excellent health can only begin with you!

We never take for granted that you have placed your confidence in us. Building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as unique individuals has been integral to our success. Our team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care.

Vision & Eye Health

Maintaining healthy eyes involves regular vision and eye exams, and our commitment extends beyond meeting expectations to exceeding them. From routine exams to conditions like glaucoma and cataracts, we provide top-notch care and treat our patients like family within our community.

Optical Boutique

We understand your need for both style and visual functionality. We offer the latest fashion eyewear, including specialized ophthalmic lenses, anti-scratch coatings, glare-free options, Blue-light protective lenses, non-prescription designer sunglasses, and reading glasses.

Contact Lenses

We cater to specialized needs, providing rigid gas permeable, multifocal, hybrid, scleral lenses, and a diverse range of colored contact lenses, ensuring everyone’s visual requirements are met.

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